The Backrooms


The Backrooms is basically a sort of a suspenseful puzzle where you have to solve riddles (not so complicated), explore your environment and try to get out of the place where the main hero suddenly found himself. The story is rather simple and tells us about a young man who accidentally ended up in some mysterious dimension consisting of long rows of rooms and intricate corridors. What is this place? How did he got here? And more importantly – how to find a way out? Maybe you’ll be able to answer these questions in the course of the game…

The gameplay itself isn’t anything tough and is based on exploring the surrounding world. You’ll be walking into multiple rooms, make your way through the endless halls and travel from one floor to another. There are also objects you have to pick up – you are going to need them later. And they can be used in certain rooms, so first you are going to get there. However, the game would have been uninteresting if that was the whole point. So you will also occasionally encounter some terrible creature you have to run away from. In this dimension, you can also die, sometimes in rather unclear ways. So you have to be careful, and the pressure can be felt all the time.

During the passage, you will also have to solve various puzzles. But the game itself won’t give you any clues. It’s much like you would really find yourself in this creepy building and discover some items that you have to figure out how to use. You’ll have to decide what to do with them, where to put them and where to go next in general. Sometimes you won’t have any idea and will have to act by trial and error. But that adds more intrigue and thrill to the game.

The graphics is quite simple – you won’t find any super impressive visual effects or particular realism. But the whole thing serves the purpose – it does enhance the atmosphere of this disturbing, monotonous and confusing journey through the infinite world of yellow walls and countless doors. And the sounds really keep you on edge every time you hear them, especially if you didn’t expect it. So if you’re looking for a game that can give you the creeps without actually trying to scare you while also providing some intellectual challenge – you’ve come to the right place! Play The Backrooms online and see for yourself!

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