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Can’t make it through another 24 hours without your favorite online game? Can’t wait for the moment when you tick off your to-do list, get done being all the someones for all the others, close all the gestalts of the day and finally fall back into the bliss of those captivating, magical virtual worlds – sometimes jolly and silly, sometimes scenic and epic, sometimes thought-provoking and heart-rending? If so, welcome to this site where you will find all kinds of games, from loud and proud to freshly made and yet-to-play!

Your fire escape from routine!

As kids, we imagine ourselves to be the heroes of our favorite books and films. We play astronauts, warriors, doctors. We live the life of heroes, enjoy their emotions. This does not disappear afterwards. A good fantasy requires a framework: a fairy kingdom, historical events, certain life circumstances. And online games, unlike movies and books, not only set the framework. But they also allow you to participate in the world you love.

Here you can be not just an observer of all the incredible things happening in some fictional story, but also the very heroes that accomplish great deeds, overcome difficulties and become stronger, better – bigger that they could ever hope. Isn’t that what we all need and what can be felt so scarcely in our trivial daily lives? Instead, online games offer us a brand new world where everything is possible and where we can try on the roles we want. Let’s give it a shot?

Be anyone, do anything!

Raving about fantasy lands, noble knights, wicked beasts and world-wide glory? You can become a hero everyone is waiting for, take up your sword and set out to explore incredible fairy tale landscapes, completing quests, upgrading skills and getting closer and closer to battling the final boss. Fascinated with modern warfare? Here is your rifle – it shoots just like the real one, with all the ballistics intact, and it’s just as important to pull the trigger at the right moment to save yourself from someone else’s bullet. Races, fights, adventures, even corny platformers consisting of a dozen and a half pixels – all this is waiting for you here!

Tired of never-ending action and constant adrenaline rush? Take a break unhurriedly solving puzzles, learning to make sushi, running a virtual farm or painting digital coloring books. The choice is tremendous! Just pick up a game that calls out to you from our site – and let the magic begin!

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