Millions of players around the world enjoy our addicting games. Do you want to develop a medieval empire? Destroy enemies with the support of the gods of Ancient Greece? Go on an exciting adventure in the Wild West? Here you will find all this and more! Welcome to our great top games that are hand-picked on one page based on their online ratings and user reviews!

Action, adventures and fights

The multitude of online games collected in this section will allow you to enjoy incredible events in fantastic settings alone or team up with your friends to complete missions, crush enemy armies and conquer entire worlds. Will you be a shooter, a leader or a mercenary? Perhaps a dashing pirate, plowing the seas in his battle brig, sinking enemy ships with well-aimed cannon shots and, of course, victoriously drinking his rum? Or a sniper in the iconic black cloak, hiding on the roof, awaiting the next victim? Do you like the squeal of drifting wheels, on a pair of which you are now balancing a centimeter from a crushing accident? Or do you prefer the whistle of bullets, the explosion of grenades and a frontal attack? How about traveling to a fairyland in knightly armor at the call of the kingdom groaning from the armies of the undead? Regardless of your preferences, you will surely find an option here to your liking!

Strategies, puzzles and simulators

We have not forgotten about those who like quieter, measured games. If you are not a fan of wild action that does not allow you to relax for a second and cramp your fingers from the crazy clicking on the keyboard, you may like to leisurely create your own city, paving roads and electricity, building cozy houses, bustling shops and green parks for future residents … Or have you always dreamed of becoming a chef or a brilliant designer with trending games? In our games you can master all the secrets of the virtual kitchen, learn how to cook the most incredible dishes and open your own five-star restaurant. Or do home improvement – choosing wallpaper, buying and arranging furniture, hanging decor – gradually, room by room, turning them into an example of beauty and comfort. Young women of fashion will have the opportunity to dress and comb their favorite heroines, and future mechanics will be able to hone their skills in a virtual auto repair shop. And if you want to make your leisure also good for your brains, there are plenty of exciting puzzles here! Play our top games online and have a great time!

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