Do you love music and start moving to the beat as soon as you hear the first notes? Then we have great online entertainment for you – Friday Night Funkin. It invites you into the world of music of rhythm as well as funny characters and interesting stories. All you need to do here is sing and dance? Are you ready to learn a bit more about this fun?

A little about the plot

At first, you should know how everything started. Boyfriend, the main character, is a funny boy who met a lovely girl and fell in love. Everything is mutual but her father, Daddy Dearest is against this relationship. The Girlfriend’s dad used to be a musician, so he decides to interfere immediately to break them apart. And his plan is really ingenious! Daddy Dearest forces the poor guy to go through a special trial in the form of a musical contest. The task is to dance to a new song, repeating all the notes. Boyfriend needs to move fully syncing with the rhythm and not to make a single mistake. In every rap battle, the hero will meet a new opponent. Some antagonists are quite friendly and funny, but others are more than treacherous and even dangerous. You will face lovely anime characters and scary clown, Mickey Mouse and various monsters like Huggy Wuggy. And there is only one weapon that can be used against them all – it is music.

Move harmoniously and win!

The rules of this game are more than simple. You just need to dance to the music matching all its beats. The official release contains a few weeks where every episode is devoted to a new antagonist. But the project has gained huge popularity, and its community created hundreds of fan-made modes to add more zest to FNF. These add-ons brought a huge number of new characters to the gameplay. And now you can sing and dance against literally any famous personage from the gaming world. In most cases, you will play for Boyfriend, and your task is to help him win. For this, you will have to click in time on the arrow symbols that are seen on the screen above the hero. If you do everything correctly, your progress bar will remain green. But if you make too many false movements, it will turn red and your character will fail. Join these music fights to support Boyfriend in endless confrontations and do all in your power to enable the protagonist to remain with his beloved Girlfriend! The game is full of positive emotions and music, so you will surely enjoy time spent on it!

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