If you are looking for some thrills in unusual online entertainment – welcome to Five Nights at Freddy’s games. The plot starts in a very routine way – the main character gets a job of the guard in a popular pizzeria. This place is always crowded, and visitors are being entertained by robotic toys. But the task of the hero is to stay here at night too, and this is when friendly toys complexly change and everything turns into a real nightmare. Now, you have only one mission – to remain alive till the morning in the company of crazy animatronics. In total, you need to work five night shifts and survive. You will spend each of them on your tenterhooks, and even that is not a promise you will successfully cope.

Stay away from insane toys!

There are five characters that will be chasing you in FNAF horror. The most active are Bonnie and Chica. They are the most dangerous when they stand near your doors, and you should avoid looking straight into their eyes. The most treacherous opponent is Freddy Fazbear who is laughing loudly making everyone around shiver with fear. You will also meet Foxy who will simply eat your energy. All these characters are very treacherous and will try to get you in their own way. Even if you manage to successfully complete the first part of the FNAF series, new episodes will introduce new, more dangerous antagonists, so there will be no time to relax. The best approach is to watch them with all your eyes and not to allow them to approach your room too closely.

How to survive?

You will be able to watch Freddie and other antagonists through a special surveillance system. Unfortunately, your electricity supply is restricted and you cannot use it continuously. You will have to distribute it wisely for security cameras and electric doors. Cameras are installed in all areas of the pizzeria, and you can monitor animatronics movements and activities. Your only task is to survive. And to achieve it, you must be on the alert all the time. Control your enemies and don’t let them appear near the doors. As soon as they approach your position, you should immediately close the door, otherwise, they will immediately attack you. The activity of these creatures increases every night, and it will be a true struggle to wait till the morning. Only the smartest players will be able to trick all animatronics and complete the game! Are you one of them?

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