Have you ever dreamt to try on a role of a crazy driver? Today, you can do it without physically getting behind the wheel. There are many different games dedicated to driving, as well as learning the rules of the road, which helps a beginner to gain more experience. The main advantage of such entertainment is dynamics. In other words, you do not necessarily need to be afraid to risk to enhance your skills as any task can be simply restarted.

Enjoy first-person simulators

Driving games belong to the most creative inventions that make virtual reality as close as possible. An online 3D simulator is the best way to understand how to behave on the road. Players will also get an adrenaline charge and experience unbelievable and unforgettable sensations in real everyday life.

Of course, you will not be able to repeat all these insane stunts in reality, but virtual races will allow you to test your skills in the full range of weather extremes and times of day – from rain and morning fog to night ice and snow. It will help you prepare for driving in the most adverse conditions. You can master not only traditional cars but also learn how to drive a bus, military transport, heavy trucks, special equipment and other vehicles of the real and imaginary world. The more practice, the higher the result, so start your virtual adventures and do not stop until you have passed all the levels to the highest grade.

Drive and compete!

Some entertainment of this genre invites you to enjoy multiplayer mode. You will find yourself amidst heavy traffic and have to complete various missions. You may have innocent tasks – to work as a taxi driver or deal with goods delivery. But some plots are full of thrills – you can become a criminal running away from police, or on the contrary, you will represent official forces chasing all sorts of scoundrels. And if you are just a thrill-seeker, it is enough to find an exciting racing game and try to become the first to reach the finish line. Here you can drive any car without fear – you will love full freedom of action. Try to check the maximum speed of each car, use acceleration and take tight turns. Driving projects were created for fast racers who love cool cars and great speed. If you already feel excited – choose any game on our site – all of them are full of thrills and absolutely free. Play and have fun!

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