Are you ready to plunge into an exciting adventure full of excitement and surprises? Then start playing Among Us. This thrilling game will take you to the spaceship where all events will unfold. Actually, there will be two teams aboard – simple astronauts that are considered to be positive characters and impostors who are the enemies. All of them look the same, and you can never tell who is the enemy and who is the friend. The key idea is the confrontation of these two teams. Plain astronauts will have to determine who is the criminal, and the impostors will have to delete peaceful players.

How to play?

You will play on the spaceship. Every round may host from 4 to 10 players. And there can be up to three impostors among them. Every crew member will be involved in various daily tasks – they are all simple and connected with the aircraft performance – to repair electrical wires or clean ventilation shafts. But whenever any astronaut remains alone, he may be immediately attacked by the treacherous impostor. The enemy will always look for ways to quietly sneak up and destroy him inconspicuously. These masked antagonists will skillfully hide in the shadows, over the corner or move along the ventilation in order to remain invisible and attack the victim. Also, these villains can interfere with the work of the crew, breaking equipment or blocking the doors between the compartments. From time to time, astronauts will find a dead body. In this case, they should immediately call a meeting to discuss who is the murderer, and everyone will vote for a potential enemy. The alarm can be started by both peaceful astronauts and assassins. This way, impostor tries to hide his crimes. You can also ask for voting when you notice someone is just behaving suspiciously. To do it, you need to get to the central area and press a special button.

Interact with other players!

Among Us project comes with a fabulous feature that allows you to communicate with other users. It is a very helpful function when you are trying to figure out who is the impostor. If you play with random characters, you can interact with them via text chat. You can activate it by pressing the button in the upper right corner of the screen. Recently, a voice chat has been added to the game. Voice chat can be used during all the events and can be adjusted to several modes. For example, you can use it only during meetings, being in the lobby, when a victim is found, or talk to other players during all game stages. Choose whether you will be an ordinary astronaut or a dangerous impostor and start the adventure!

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